©2023 michael raven

sometimes you cannot be
whatever you want to be
sometimes the choice is
never there at all

making declarations
doesn't change the reality
and marks more
the failure to be what
has been declared
no matter on how hard
one insists otherwise

which is why i take care
as to what i declare

6 thoughts on “declare

  1. Oh, this is powerful. The message we tell children “you can be whatever you want” isn’t true at all. Life has a way of shaping us and it’s best to learn how to roll with it and move with flexibility.

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    1. There are a lot of lies we tell ourselves and children. Another is “pulling yourself up by the bootstraps”. Without any support, how can someone lift themselves against the weight of gravity?

      Or everyone can become president. Or hard work will equate to success. All absurdities that I avoid like hell foisting on my girls.

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      1. For real. It’s nonsense and it’s dangerous. It’s designed to sell us products that will fix our lives. Only we can find happiness—we can’t buy it our manufacture it. We have to find peace in what is.

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  2. Yes, I think that these ‘promises’ need to be tempered with a large dose of realism. Being that bit older this was not a message widely given to our generation, however it took me a while to realise that any dreams I may have had wouldn’t materialise through any lack of talent (nor that I’m over flowing with any) bit rather through a lack of drive which is something that can’t be taught! Great words.

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