©2023 michael raven

a time of venom
and cynicism
a thousand daggered
thorns pointing
every direction

i keep reading of
people killing people
often for no other
reason than they
have means
when they feel
everything offends
the eye and ears
it seems

spiritsick, humanity
eats its own

19 thoughts on “spiritsick

    1. Someplace along the line, the train jumped off its tracks, and is barreling down the path without rails to guide it. I’m not sure there it will get better before it gets worse, even if I hope that sometime soon someone decides to be smart and put on the brakes before the looming cliff’s edge…

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  1. Those last lines are perfect. It’s so sad how many senseless deaths are in the news right now. All these people killed for no reason at all other than wrong place, wrong time. Itchy trigger fingers, easily offended, too easy to kill.

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