the shaman [1, wild wood]

©2023 michael raven

i am here-not-here
i am there-not-there
slumbering under
a city of lakes
i am not bear
my head aflame
rising on air
falling in flight
blind my eyes
so i might see
wrapped in wool
with blood throbbing
flint grey & sparking
i am not-here-here
i am not-there-there

Prompt used for this piece is card 1 of the Wild Wood Tarot, The Shaman. The card portrays a white-bearded man in a headdress, holding a wooden staff outside a cave. Before him are representations of the four elements (rattle=air, stone knife= earth, incense=fire, a horn vessel=water). Behind him, aside from the cave, is a dense, darkened forest.

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