dead letter office

©2023 michael raven

what is lost
in this now
when perfumed
letters in licked
envelopes &
sealed with
are nowhere
to be found?

i can still taste
vagrant memories of
those lipstick lies
bound in glue
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10 thoughts on “dead letter office

    1. I imagine! I have to admit I really miss those marathon writing sessions back in the eighties, where I had multiple pen pals who lived all over the world. I’m not so certain they enjoyed my ten-page letters, but… 🤣

      Thanks for the kind praise. 🙏

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    1. I’ve mostly found people baffled by the idea in the past few years, interestingly enough — but I was always a letter writer in my youth (especially late-teens and early-twenties). It seems now that people prefer fragments of conversation in short-form (texts and messaging). I’m a long-form person myself.

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      1. Something different flows through when you write with pen on paper. It activates a different part of our brains and allows unguarded emotions to flow through a bit more (in my experience). Plus, the form of the handwriting tells so much about a person and their state of mind.

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