Boxed Wine, of Sorts

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One of the more appalling things I read this weekend involved animal blood sacrifices. It wasn’t the idea of blood sacrifice that appalled me, although as an actual practice, it seems entirely unnecessary. Of course, I have zero tolerance for any type human sacrifice, blood or otherwise, for any reason at any time. I shouldn’t have to say that, but I will just so we are clear about the matter.

My personal opinion is that the point of animal blood sacrifice has been lost over the centuries and is largely irrelevant now (at best), regardless of the intent in the past. Not something I would partake in, as I feel any real sacrifice will be found within, not without.

Different strokes… Different folks…

What was perhaps most appalling about the practice I read about, the part that grated on me, was the modern decadent attitude of the people in the “scholarly” article (that was so obviously biased that I question anything objective was conveyed).

In this article, one of the interviewees basically, “popped on down to the butcher’s and picked me up a bag of blood. It’s cheaper, less messy, and convenient. They’ll sell you bags of blood, you know.” [paraphrased, not a direct quote].

This smacks of complete dissociation from the ritual this person is performing that somehow requires a blood sacrifice (I remain unconvinced that it is essential). As the ritual was described, it was simple theater; you cannot convince me otherwise.

If you are going to convince yourself that blood sacrifice of a living creature is somehow an essential part of your ritualized practice, at least have the decency to own it completely, not buy your ritual blood in a plastic bag from a butcher. Barest minimum, work at the slaughterhouse for a few hours and catch the blood in your own bucket after slaughtering your own beast and give it the respect due by feeling its hot lifeforce flowing over your hands and getting you messy in the process. Don’t pour a cup of chilled blood from a bag like it is boxed wine. Own it! Don’t make a mockery of the ritual or the animal’s death just so you can have your crimson theater.

Or better yet, recognize that such practices don’t really have a place in modern society, especially for a city-dwelling denizen — for any number of reasons. Find more sensible theatric practices.

2 thoughts on “Boxed Wine, of Sorts

    1. I just don’t understand what goes into that kind of mindset where a) blood sacrifice/ritual is functionally appropriate, and b) the drive-thru “shamanism” (weekend warrior, ftw) suggested by the speaker’s words and actions. It’s appalling.

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