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Why does everything seem to have to be about influencing and/or monetizing? While I wouldn’t mind someone throwing money at me, I don’t know what would make me think that what I do on this site somehow should influence anyone. I’ve always advocated for thinking for yourself and doing your own thing — I’m afraid I’d be embarrassed if someone emulated my activities or started saying things like “Michael Raven says…” or “Michael Raven uses [such an such product], and that’s why I do!”.

I’d quit this online persona entirely if I saw too much of that. It gives me willies even considering the notion.

And as far as monetizing goes, well… I purposefully bought this domain to get rid of online ads. I think adspace is a scourge of the internet. I especially hate ads that I have zero control over (e.g., 99% of internet ads). The only ads you will see here are directly related to my writing and I don’t make money from your eyeballs glancing at those. In fact, I make no money at all unless you buy my book. And, for the most part, I avoid assaulting you with requests to purchase it. I’m terrible at shameless self-promotion anymore.

By the way, I do have a book of poetry available for purchase from a number of online vendors.

Oops. I slipped a bit in something.

Honestly, this is a personality trait of mine, I suppose. When I was an actively licensed minister, I refused payment for my services (non-denominational marriages, other rites of passage, neopagan public demos, etc.), which people thought was absurd. I got a lot of in-kind payment that is hard to refuse (meals, beer, bar tabs, etc.), but I did quite a few services for nothing at all and never expected in-kind payment. [I am no longer providing ministerial services, for personal reasons].

So maybe I just don’t understand the value of money. Or influence.

I’ve never been convinced that either should be the primary motivator for doing something. Sometimes, there is a great sigh knowing that you aren’t beholden to either motivator and you can do whatever you heckin’ want to do and not worry about how it will impact your bottom line or your social engagement status.

My inner Fool is showing as he steps off into oblivion.

13 thoughts on “Influence and money

  1. I love this line (and others) so much, Michael: “I don’t know what would make me think that what I do on this site somehow should influence anyone.” Here, here!

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  2. I recently had someone offer to do a reel with my poetry and I said sure…then they expected me to pay them for the exposure. Girl, what?! I am not paid, although I hope someday to sell a book or two, I am not paying people to read my words. They should speak for themselves.

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    1. I’ve had a few “offers” like that and they are always amazed that I won’t pay for their unsolicited voice acting. “I’ll pay you when I get paid,” is what I always tell them. When they realize I’m willing to shell out 15% of nothing, they leave quickly.

      Or the time someone wanted me to give them a copy of my book AND pay them for a positive review and I called them out on their BS. “That’s the same as payola, girlfriend, which I believe is illegal to solicit *or* pay for. Should we talk to the FCC?” Like a bat out of hell, and they blocked me. LOL.

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      1. Dang! That’s crazy! It makes me sad when I think about it. How dishonest and uncreative it is to pay people to read your work or promote you. Shouldn’t the focus be on doing the work? Growing your audience by creating good art that’s honest?

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        1. I’m sure these kinds of folks are preying on a writer’s need to feel like a success. You’re warned about such scams, but I’ve seen how people fall for them all the same. And that’s all it is: a scam.

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