sweet surrender

©2023 michael raven

milestone, sometimes millstone
hanging around the neck
dopamine injection tap tapping
that vein with fingers middle & fore
before that sweet surrender
to another faceless network of
transient voices seeking
authentication over art
how do we sever the damage done?
with more needles?

trailblazer fallacies recognized
with daylight cast on shadows
but the poisoned quill lies
there all the same, beckoning
with crooked words calling:
leave all the mendacity behind
Photo by Serena Koi on Pexels.com

2 thoughts on “sweet surrender

  1. Not sure if this is about AI art, but it’s what first came to mind for me. I think it will only make people more voracious for real art, real words, those with emotions and a human behind them. (forgive me if I missed the mark)

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