idle chatter

©2023 michael raven

idle chatter to fill
the empty spaces
drives an urge to
open up my head
take out my brain
to escape it all

why do people hate
the silence so?

11 thoughts on “idle chatter

  1. I enjoy the quiet. That is probably typical for poet/writer types. Maybe it is uncomfortable for some because it forces them to think… about things they can otherwise ignore with life’s constant chatter. Exploring one’s own mind can be like visiting a strange foreign land. Being comfortable with the quiet takes practice I suppose.

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      1. Just pondering. I find the topic interesting. My appreciation for the quiet grew after leaving the constant “buzz” of the high school environment. I experienced enough noisy hallways to last a lifetime!

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  2. This! I just traveled with my mother who doesn’t ever stop talking. She even says OUT LOUD what she is texting or searching for online. It’s like nails on the chalkboard for me. Silence. A quiet nod. A touch of the hand. Those things are far louder.

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