Casting off

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As the days go on, I’ve begun to see the sense I have of being unmoored, drifting, as a favored destination rather than an affliction; I’ve begun to embrace it rather than to rail against that sensation. I think the intent of my “dark night of the soul” period about eighteen months ago before I went on my soul-searching excursion to the West Coast was to break the tether completely so that I could move on in my head, away from the shackles I placed around by own neck and limbs. In ways, I’m still on the excursion of discovery, as it can hardly be said that I’ve found my footing beyond doubt. This embracing of the unmoored feeling is the result of continuous revelation and reflection and I am somewhat amazed by the constant unveiling of these things to my mind.

Some readers might have noticed that I’ve started jumping in headfirst into expressing my personal gnosis more more frequently in my writing since that point, perhaps wondering when I will reach an inflection point and move away from expressing these ideas. If anything, I feel obligated to warn people that the inflecting is in the other direction and I am regularly leaning all the more harder into expressing those reflections. The person and writer I was halfway through this journey since starting this iteration of my online writing sharing (about 500 days ago) is a far cry from who I am today; and forget about comparing against the person who started this site several years ago — I hardly recognize that man myself. If this is a troubling revelation to you as a reader, I apologize.

Keep in mind that I am only expressing my personal understanding in my writing. I do not pretend to hold an accepted cosmic view, let alone anything considered orthodox by one branch of thought or another. If I ever come off as preachy, the intended audience for the preachy language is myself, absolutely no one else.

I’ve cast off my moorings and set myself adrift, letting things be as they may.

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