only the dream

©2023 michael raven

left with dream memories
that should feel sweet
waking up with fists clenched
wondering what i did to
deserve only the dream
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9 thoughts on “only the dream

    1. Oh, nightmares are the stock and trade of 80% or more of my dreams since I can really recall. I’ve gotten to the stage of putting my hands on my hips during nightmares and asking, “Really? That’s the scariest you can muster? C’mon… at least *try* to terrify me, Casper. Real life is more upsetting than this lame effort.”

      The thing or situation in my dream intended to upset or frighten me tends to lose all air after that…


      1. I once did that to a night terror. I asked the shadow person to come at me show me your face. it didn’t. it just keep creeping backwards into the shadows of my night terror. usually the night terror wins and i end up screaming for help. thankfully my wife is there to help. 🙂

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        1. I think it is helpful to challenge unpleasant dreams. I encourage my kids to do it when they recognize they are dreaming. From what I understand, I am an outlier for my ability to do so regularly and consistently. Years of practice, I suppose (actually, I’ve been able to since childhood).

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          1. you are right but sometimes I chicken out. I use to have a recurring dream of the creature from the black lagoon. He would come into my dream world and terrorize me. I finally asked him in my last nightmare ( I was a pre-teen at the time) if we could be friends. He said yes. and so I have not seen him ever again after that.

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          2. I use to watch this show as a kid “New Zoo Revue” and they help me with my nightmares when I was kid. One of the episodes was how not to have nightmares. Before you sleep think only of good things in your life. I would start thinking of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and other happy things. It worked 98 percent of the time. 🙂 Maybe you can use this for your kids?

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