otter & cattail

©2023 michael raven

notification thunderstorms
from my phone and
i recall days at the lake
gliding around in the canoe
with the lily pads and
their bright yellow blossoms
cattails swaying in a
gentle wind, dragonflies
clinging effortlessly and
an otter swimming on
his back, nibbling
on fish for lunch
if i could go there today
i am afraid i might toss
my little storm out into the
deepest part of the lake
and forget to paddle home

The above was prompted by life and card XXXIX from the Woodland Wardens oracle deck, “The Otter and Cattail (peace)”.

2 thoughts on “otter & cattail

    1. Thank you. They were perhaps the easiest — all I can think sometimes is that I would love to do something like sever myself from the madness of civilization once and for all, and go all Thoreau on the world.

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