automaton me

©2023 michael raven

some days are
'going under days'
& this feels like one

fade to black, drop out
burrow under blankets
& shut the world off

impossible, of course
even upcoming birth
anniversaries are no recourse

automaton that i am
moves on & on & on
Photo by Tara Winstead on

8 thoughts on “automaton me

    1. And even where there seems to be time to burrow, the other shoe drops just as you are about to do it. 😀

      I hope you can take time for some self-care. I may need to force the issue (with my workplace anyway).

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    1. I wish my life would stop with the marathon pace it seems to have adopted of late. Hours within reading this, I received a work email that was akin to the sound of a starting gun… No rest for me. 🙂

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