Another state of mind

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I’ve recently grown (re)interested in rhythm as a means of evoking an altered state of consciousness (ASC) and as a means of focused meditative healing. As I’ve mentioned, I have several ailments that seem resistant to standard treatments, and I am open to the idea that these might find a solution in alternative approaches towards healing to overcome some of these resistances.

I’ve always believed that spirit and mind are two powerful, largely dismissed, tools for the purposes of altering health because neither of them plays very nicely with the scientific model. And, although I am a “scientist” by title, I also recognize the limitations of science when it comes to explaining certain phenomena.

Anyway, I’m disinclined to go buy myself a frame drum and pound away on it at all hours to explore some thoughts I have about rhythm-induced ASC (I hesitate to call them theories) and I’ve never been a “loud” kind of spiritual practitioner, either. I’m one of those “silent” types.

But I have begun to explore rhythmic “tapping” of my own body, making my body my “drum” to explore what kind of impact it might have on the ASC experience and, in turn, what that might have on overcoming my various stubborn ailments. This is probably not my invention, but I came across it while I was recalling how I felt at the Heilung concert last autumn.

Most of their songs have an underlying or overt beat at the frequency that is said to be the most common rate used my those hoping to achieve a “shamanic state” (read: ASC). At that show, my whole body throbbed at that rate for nearly two hours for their “ceremony”. Tapping my body at that rate both serves to localize that rhythm on an afflicted area and also keeps in line with my “silent” approach towards these things.

Combined with massage, I’m wondering if I can “draw out” my afflictions via rhythm and replace the void with something healthier. I can’t see how it would be harmful to use my mind, spirit world and rhythm to try and overcome some of my problems, so I’ve been exploring this as an adjunct to my standard care to see if I can facilitate greater change.

If nothing happens, all I will have done is burn some time I’d probably spend in meditation anyway.

Let’s see what happens, then, shall we?

7 thoughts on “Another state of mind

    1. It is, or can be. We’ll see if my little experiment has the intended effect. I’m pretty certain part of my recent experiences can be connected to this new approach — whether or not my plans had included the effect is another matter altogether. 🙂

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    1. Right now, it is an experiment, although I also started playing around with my music workshop to check my tempo and was right on at just under 4 beats/second (210 BPM). Not that I am wed to literature, but several sources tap the ideal frequency right around 205-240 BPM.

      It got some musical ideas flowing a bit. Nothing worth sharing, but flowing. I’ll have to look at the EFT; I’ll admit I am not well versed in the technique.

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