giving over

©2023 michael raven

giving over, relinquishing control
is not something that comes easy
but i never had it anyway...

surrender & slumber, inviting
solutions without conditions
letting carrion, hunters &

four winds tear me asunder
until only my bones remain
with bits of skin flapping in

the wind

4 thoughts on “giving over

    1. It’s an amazingly huge hurdle. I’ve been trying to embrace some the Taoist concept of wei wu wei (action without action, effortless action or, as Alan Watts described it, “not forcing things”) for more than half of my life and I regularly catch myself trying to bend my world to my will. So, I am far from perfect about the practice. But, as the man said after declaring a witch turned him into a newt, “I[‘ve] got better”.

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    1. After recognizing that control is something we nearly never have, I try to relinquish it. But it grows difficult to think that way when others around you still cling to the idea that they maintain control over their lives and those things around them. It’s easy to slip into old, unskilled ways of thinking when it is everyplace.

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