dross culling

©2023 michael raven

The dark is not always depression, just as the light is not always joy and hope. Some people find comfort in being wrapped in shadows, in visceral self-transmutation, and in cutting to the quick to seek answers to their questions. In bloodletting, sometimes purity and freedom from an internal venom can be found. Gazing into our own face, stripped of the masques we make, looking directly and without the veil of blemished mirrors, we might apprehend a truth.

Stripped to the bone, we can reapply the ever ephemeral flesh and leave out those mendacities tattooed from before by friends, lovers, family and, yes, ourselves.

Kissing the razored gloaming of the pale thread connecting sinew to muscle, might we not reach something more?

4 thoughts on “dross culling

  1. It’s often in the darkest moments we understand ourselves a bit deeper. It’s not always a bad thing. Mistakes and falling down can be redirections and deep lessons. I wish I didn’t have to learn the same ones over and over though. I’m hoping I’ve finally reached a level of new lessons as I’ve been slow to learn, but only time will tell for sure.

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