ghostly encounters

©2023 michael raven

ghost, i say,
that was a sneaky
trick you played a
few days ago i
think your know

ghost says nothing
but his cheshire
smile fades in
before melting away

what did you mean
by rubbing against
my shin while i
whiled away the
hours working?

still that madcap grin
which fades away and
stays away the remainder
of the day toiling at
my desk this day

9 thoughts on “ghostly encounters

    1. Real experience on Saturday: I was working on my office and felt something run against my leg like cats will. My cats tend to be naughty when I’m working, so I keep them out of my work space. I thought I had missed one and was going to usher it out but there was nothing there.

      I’m pretty sure it was that little one paying me a visit. It felt just like the cuddles he used to give.

      It was a message and I know what it means.

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      1. You live experiences that I blocked so long ago…
        It is fantastic to be able to feel that.
        Probably not all the time I guess, nonetheless…

        Can you imagine that for, about 20 years, I commonly hit my forehead with my thumb knuckle, right on the third eye. In a mean to not connect. Its only in 2019 that i ceased doing that in an attempt to stop hurting myself and that canal. If that make sense.

        You would probably like one of my friend in university, he is actually in a coven, and make beautiful wood art and magical talismans. He is always reading some magical or paranormal tome. I still have here a version of “Le grand et le petit Albert” he did give me 20 years back.

        Anyway, i feel sorry that your little ghost is not there physically with you. Take care 💌🙏

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        1. He is well and where he belongs. I miss him, but he visits me regularly. I know where to find him.

          I have a strange life. I’m accepting that once again.

          Thanks for everything and take care of yourself, okay?

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