five, the ancestor [wildwood]

©2023 michael raven

birch & newborn
trails leading to
wild places in
the melting snow

i let forest spirits
guide my blind body
down tangled paths
weary of pretending

i cannot hear the
word of ancestors
& their songs of
the wood

The Wildwood Tarot is a nonstandard tarot deck. I don’t take issue with their deviations, and the authors have some interesting interpretations of the cards, with serious thought given to more nature-based, non-patriarchal meanings — if I have any complaint, the cards definitions can get a little on the eco-preachy side at times, which can have the same effect as someone breaking the fourth wall. That preachiness is a bit of a distraction as a result.

Image description: antlered feminine figure standing within a cluster of birches in the snow; human hands hold a branch and a frame drum similar to a bodhran. Footprints in the snow approach the figure, backdrop are more birch leading up to a silhouette of a dense forest under a crescent moon.

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