on windswept heath

©2023 michael raven

left for broken
jigsaw and empty
fallen between cracks
i wrapped midnight
around and found
comfort dealt by
my dying

i am stone and lichen
on windswept heath
gorse and mycelium
stretching to beyond
flames burned out
in my heart and now
raging through my head

turning open palms over
my face to cool ground
Listening to briar
in song

6 thoughts on “on windswept heath

  1. Hello Micheal

    I have a question… In the reader there is a beautiful photography with the post, but on site it does not appear. How? and why?

    Just curious, anyway, wish you a calmer sunday 💌

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Back to the grind with more work on a weekend. Hopefully there’s not a raging inferno today. If everything goes as planned I’ll be done in a few hours instead of working all day.

      As far as the photo goes, I’m not sure what buttons exactly I might have pushed on the backend at one point, but it might have something to do with an option in the customization.

      I didn’t add an image to the post itself, but added it as a “featured image” within the right post menu down at the bottom (or hamburger menu > post settings > featured image on mobile devices). On PC, you might have to make the option visible on the post menu with the hamburger > preferences > blocks and ticking the box to make it visible.

      Hope that helps. ❤

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      1. Thank you for the precision about the pictures. I never used “featured”, I found it often mix poorly with the text, as it cut the image in some bizarres ways.

        So sorry that you had to work on the weekend. Hope you can divert some of your time to divertissement 💌

        Have a nice Sunday Micheal

        Liked by 1 person

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