exhausted by your violence

©2023 michael raven

another angry kid
with easy access,
another school threat...
daughter retraumatized

fold your so-called
"rights" until
they are all
sharp corners
and shove them
up your ass

10 thoughts on “exhausted by your violence

    1. Someone made a terroristic threat involving my daughter’s school on Snapchat involving “Imma gonna come down and shoot the school the fuck up”.

      School did a bag check without telling the kids why, nor did they inform parents before school started for the day.

      My daughter was involved in a lockdown incident a few years ago because a kid discharged a handgun at the ceiling in the school, and she was just down the hallway from that incident.

      Needless to say, she’s feeling retraumatized by another gun-related school incident.

      I’m guessing that the kids making the threats was already arrested and they did this out of an abundance of caution, but it doesn’t look good and it has made her an emotional wreck.

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      1. I am so sorry Micheal, it really is a problem… fire gun, shouldn’t be in kids hands. Should not even be in adult hands.

        Je ne comprend pas ce droit de porter une arme à feu. Cela me dépasse chaque fois que j’en entend parler. It is almost daily in the USA, and everybody seems to put their head in the sand… or as you put it youself in that proverbial place where no light shine.

        Kids should not be terrified to go studying… je compatis de tout coeur avec la souffrance de ta fille. I wish for her to find calmness.


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        1. She’s calmed down now that she’s seen what triggered all of this chaos: the post was obviously some young man’s idea of how to appear tough.

          And I agree. There was an immaturity to the language used and it seemed less scary when you realize there was evident bravado in his post.

          Still, it is not amusing and I think the authorities had already taken the person into custody by the time school opened. The bag check was done mostly out of an abundance of caution in case the kid had friends in on an attack, or that someone felt the need to protect themselves from the threat.

          I’m just glad we can move on.

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          1. Yes I do understand the happiness of putting that behind. It’s quite sad to live in a country that much divided. And each side put as much oil on the fire as they can.

            Take care Micheal 💌

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