brief words

©2023 michael raven

of late,
when writing,
has enough been
trimmed away?

May apply to reading, too.

17 thoughts on “brief words

  1. I’m the fool who has all 10,000 crayons in her bag as she steps over the brink. I want all the possibilities, no foolin’.
    But I like how Blake said, “The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom.” Um, do I have to fall over that there cliff? Can I keep all my crayons safe and perfect, along with my illusions?

    But I admire your quest and fearless swordplay, snicker-snack, slicing down the dross.

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    1. Heh. My Taoist is showing.

      I need to be careful, or I might slip and chop off my own noggin’ while the rest of me goes galumphing back, quite headless. Now, that would be embarrassing.


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