a feast of friends

©2023 michael raven

staring into a candle's
flickering flame
wondering when the
bitter meanness
became the popular
interactive past-time

with forks & knives out
hungry to eat our own
letting doors
close in the face
of those who follow

4 thoughts on “a feast of friends

    1. Maybe it’s just my perception, but petty mean behavior seemed to become the norm starting around Y2K to the point where suspicious eyes are often cast your direction when you try to be nice to others, as they wonder what the catch is behind your niceness is or lash out to “get the first stab in”. I’ve recently decided that I’m going to be pigheaded about being nice and out-stubborn people about this matter, even when they are mean in response.

      I know, possibly fruitless exercise, but I’m curious what will happen.


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