Pajamarama || Roxy Music

Couldn't sleep a wink last night
Oh how I'd love to hold you tight
They say you have a secret life
Made sacrifice your key to paradise

You’d be surprised at just how many local goth women I knew back in the day loved everything Brian Ferry. And, contrariwise, just how nearly all local goth men I knew hated him. I was the anomaly, having loved Roxy music only slightly less a period of time as I had loved Electric Light Orchestra.

I needed somat boppy this morning to get me through the impending snowpacolypse about to crash down on our fair cities, not to mention to combat the toasty-burnout I am feeling this morning (WRT work).

Soldier on, dear reader. Soldier on.

4 thoughts on “Pajamarama || Roxy Music

  1. Last week my Spotify ‘Discover’ (which I try to listen to, even though most of it doesn’t touch me) brought up a band named Gazpacho (yeah, I thought). They are Norwegian and sort of classified as Prog Rock. Ok, before you switch off…I gave them a good listen and, particularly lyrically, where the themes they tackle are quite deep, they are pretty good. Not a lot in the way of ‘look at me aren’t I talented, and here’s a 6 minute long bass solo’ stuff, but a very tight outfit, plus it’s all done in their free time as apparently they all have ‘proper’ jobs.
    If you’re interested I’d give Missa Atropos or Demon a listen.
    If not then please delete this from your memory!

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    1. I gave most of Demon a whirl. Much more talented than I am 🙂

      The music is decent. I would have to be in a certain mood to listen to them for more than an album at a time; I couldn’t do a marathon listen. Alas, that’s the way it is with most music for me anymore.

      Thanks for the recommendation, saved to my playlist so I can give them a gander when I’m in a different mind set.

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      1. I would agree, Michael; I think that you would definitely be in the right frame of mind and have no distractions so that you could listen to an entire album in one sitting – certainly not a group to listen to the whole back catalogue in one session!
        Glad you gave them a spin though.

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