ash in dust

©2023 michael raven

this zero day tenabrae
cast in shadow play
a cut out silhouette
framed in shades of you

i think we were strangers
more than we dared
dream at the time

of that
youthful troubadour
crooning at the moon,
i buried the knife
deeper than you

songs fade to grey
where these shadowlands
turn to ash in an
ocean of dust

11 thoughts on “ash in dust

      1. Thanks! Lovely response. I’m about to call it a night, see if I can catch some rest as it sounds like my life is about to go crazy for work. Sigh. I’ll need to take a long vacation soon at this rate… Take care! 💫💙

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  1. A great piece, Michael, with some clever musical references. I think that sometimes certain lines (and indeed entire songs) permeate our essence as if re-forging lost connections to become part of us. Or I am just rambling?

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    1. As I mentioned, those references were entirely accidental (well, “shadow play” is an indirect reference to the song “Shadowplay”, but mostly the intent was with respect to the actual theatre form). As you say, perhaps there are lines and songs that are so much a part of our being that they express themselves in our own creative endeavors.

      So, no — you aren’t rambling.

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