6 thoughts on “three runes: ᚷ ᚨ ᚺ

    1. It is one of my “word mash-ups”, so there is probably no absolute correct way to say it. I believe there is no implied vowel after the ‘d’ in “galdr”, and that it is pronounced “gall-drr”. I’m equally certain that someone will come along and say I am wrong. People like to argue about these things, as I’m sure you’ve noticed.

      As far as “sang” goes, I intended for the ‘a’ to be pronounced “ah”, so *sahng*, but *sang* is just fine too.

      This is what I get when I mix up my notions of old Anglo-Saxon with Old Norse. 😀 (AS for the first half is “galdor”).

      And, some will even argue that there is a redundancy in the word, as both galdr and sang are indicative of singing (although galdr is flavored with magic overtones) and it ends up being like “cheese quesadilla” (lit. cheese cheese tortilla).

      My chronic verbosity is showing…

      TLDR; however you want to say it is fine by me. I say “gal-drr-sahng”.


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