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sad movie
heavy heart
a lifetime
thrown away

13 thoughts on “wasted

    1. The plot was the person spent their whole life running away from themselves only to realize in their 90s that they ran from all they really craved. A bit of a waste, that.

      But social pressure and shame can be strong motivators.

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    1. Well… Following my current research, I was interested in watching the movie called “Sámi Blood”. It’s part Swedish language, part Sámi and I believe it is filmed by a Sámi filmmaker.

      Takes place in the 1950s, about s young Sámi woman who wants to be accepted in society and get away from racism by rejecting her culture. She runs away from her boarding school and tries to fit in.

      It is mostly in flashback, starting when she’s an old woman who is reluctantly attending her sister’s funeral. Her sister stays with the traditional nomadic herding of reindeer.

      I liked it, but I can’t say that anyone else will. It did get decent reviews, but it’s not American style storytelling in film.

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            1. I’ve considered it, but haven’t gotten around to deciding. I don’t watch much media anymore, as I revert back to my 90s “turn the television to face the wall except when watching a movie” mode. I don’t, but I find it is an effort to find the gumption to actually sit down to watch something.

              I’ll look closer at it. Tonight is Last of Us… 😁

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            2. It’s better than I was expecting and it gives additional insight to the game’s narrative. Honestly, I think the game is one of the better written stories to be found in that media, so I’m impressed.

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