Seeking conference cities

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I might as well throw this out there… I’m not expecting a response, but who knows?

Is anyone aware of environmental conferences occurring near your city in 2023? Preferably, I’d like to attend something with a focus on PFAS (those darn “forever chemicals”) or other emerging contaminants for my job as an environmental scientist working assessment and remediation. Data science and statistics also work for justifications.

I have educational funds and hours that I never seem to use and I would like to use them this year to travel someplace I haven’t been before (again, preferably). I’m thinking something completely out of North America, California, NW Coast, Alaska, Canada, New England, or New York/New Jersey. Maybe DC.

I’ll be honest. I’ll go to the conference to keep it in the spirit of my funding, but I am more looking forward to the experience of the destination. So far, the best I’ve found is a one-day conference in Central Park, NYC — and that’s not enough time to see the sights (and I can’t afford $350/night or more to extend my stay with my own dollars… although… it is on a Thursday and if I make it a early weekend…)

On the off-chance one of my readers knows of something… Post something below if you have heard of an opportunity in your area.

2 thoughts on “Seeking conference cities

    1. I saw that one. Not enough time to set up everything, and I’m busy AF right now at work.

      But… thanks! I’m trying to find something niche-y that might be up and coming and an willing to bet that Alaskans and PFAS won’t get along very well.

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