still dreaming

©2023 michael raven

though the song fades away
through the mists and ages
i find myself still dreaming
about charlotte sometimes

in that lonely place inside her
heart her splintered head where
all the people seem to fade away
and everyone dares not cry

i ghost through tomorrow

with blindfolded eyes
i wait and wait
on that quiet dirt lane
kismet wheel turning
for charlotte sometimes

Feeling melancholic these past few days and, when that happens, songs like Charlotte Sometimes play inside my head. Like a teenage kid, I have vague ideas of what I might say to Charlotte if I met her, but the truth is, I’d clam up. Same thing with Alice. Same thing with Siouxsie, if you want to include real people in this menagerie of fiction. Or David Bowie, were he still alive, if you think it’s just women who will make me gobsmacked. Not sure what the point it in this paragraph other than to record random thoughts.

Anyway… Sláinte.

12 thoughts on “still dreaming

      1. J’ai beaucoup apprécié le videoclip, and the song. I always loved ballad, and it’s a nice discovery to me. Thank you!

        I even get to read the lyrics, very nice poem.

        She hopes to open shadowed eyes
        On a different world
        Come to me
        Scared princess

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        1. There are a few good lines in this song. One of my favorites has always been:

          Charlotte sometimes crying for herself
          Charlotte sometimes dreams a wall around herself
          But it’s always with love

          In case you are interested, the song itself is based on a young adult book of the same name. Time travel and all kinds of fun things.

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  1. I do this too, with musical and literary idols. A few years ago I was obsessed with a young artist and when I met her in person I simply said “are you as sad as you seem?” It was weird for both of us, and we ended up hugging for a long time.

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