caterpillar kiss

©2023 michael raven

hands swaying from
across the promenade
stonewashed & sun
eyes gone hazy, mist
and i cannot see your
unknown face
  --a rare day without grey

emerald city slick
and a three-time click
on blood heels stabbing
wrists bound and extended
northbound, to fever cold
winter old man settling
white beard idiot wise
a caterpillar kiss
flickering in the sun 

5 thoughts on “caterpillar kiss

    1. Ha!

      You’re the second person who’s suggested I might be channeling a certain songwriter. In all honesty, it really is unintentional if I did. I was merely feeling silly when I wrote this.

      “still dreaming” (just posted), on the other hand is a direct nod and intentional. 😀

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