Siamese Twins//The Cure

I chose an eternity of this
Like falling angels
The world disappeared
Laughing into the fire
Is it always like this?
Flesh and blood and the first kiss
The first colors, the first kiss

6 thoughts on “Siamese Twins//The Cure

  1. Possibly (well in my opinion) their best album. They performed ‘A Strange Day’ and ‘Cold’ from the album when we saw them last December (could have done the lot for me) which was brilliant. I think that the opening drums on the album set the tone and are rooted deep within my brain. Cheers!

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    1. I used to think it was perhaps their best album, but I’ve allowed that Faith has its own purity that is unmatched by most of their albums and I tend to think of The Top as being their best album no one but myself seems to admire (it’s not quite as good as the other two, but it has *something* that is missing from everything after Head on the Door).

      I used to be able to recite all of the lyrics in order from Pornography from beginning to end without the aid of music. It is the album that probably shaped me most in my teen years.

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      1. I would agree regarding your ‘shaping’ comment. Faith is certainly comparable but with a different mood, and I love Seventeen Seconds for its sparsity. Head on the Door too. I always like how each album is uniquely The Cure, yet with a different feel.

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