French translation of “station”

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One of my good friends online, Myriam, recently sent me a translation to French of one of the pieces included in my book of poetry, galdr (shameless plug). The original piece had appeared on this site a little more than 18 months ago.

As I told her when she shared her translation, it almost makes me look like a talented writer to see something I wrote in French. LOL.

I am honored she did this for me and wanted to share:

J'aime à prétendre
Qu'il s'agit de toi,
Juste là,
Attendant sur le pas de la gare.

petite robe noire;
souliers assortis;
cheveux d'ébènes;
quelques mèches;
Sur le front...

Juste là,
Celle que j'attend
Pour que mon train vienne.

Thank you, Myriam.

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