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Interesting stumble-on:

While doing minor research into viability and premise of the pitch I made yesterday, I encountered a period photo of a house. The address listed as the location felt terribly familiar, so I went ahead and plugged it into Google Streetview to see if I was right about that sense of familiarity.

Sure enough: Different house, but the same street address as the place my grandmother lived at in Seattle.

How strange.

I “walked” around her neighborhood and was filled with nostalgia for the short time I lived with her before I found my own place back in the middle 90s.

Hate what the current owners have done with the house — it looks like crap now. But it was never likely to stand the test of time in that neighborhood, which suffers the same malady as any poor neighborhood in any big city suffers: Despair.

That said, I think I might be able to turn that pitch into something. I have a number of outlines for tales that could fit into the concept, both from the time period I originally started outlining the original pitch (2015-2016) and from other little projects I’ve sketched out.

We’ll have to see.

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