Revisiting 03jan23 pitch

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I managed to find the source files for the pitch I made a few days ago.


Apparently it is much more extensive than I recalled. As it stands currently, there are some 20k words already written and a rough outline for the other half of the story. My notes indicate that I planned for this to be a novella on the order of 45-60k words.

As I was digging around, trying to refresh my memory on some of the details, I also discovered at least three other planned short stories within the story universe with rough plots that were intended to be part of this. Some have several pages of draft material.

I honestly don’t know why I completely spaced this. I have vague memories of thinking that the genre wasn’t going to have an audience, so that may explain it. I also recall at one point that I hated that someone else had beat me to a detail that made me have to rethink elements so that it wouldn’t appear as if I was copying those ideas.

That said, I haven’t reread any of the 20k words already there, so the explanation for why I originally dropped this may rest in those words. And, of those 20k words, I full expect at least 5k will be scrubbed in any revisions, probably more, but I can see replacing them with the same amount or more if the story is worth salvaging.

I think I’ll jump back on this one — there’s quite a bit there to leverage. Especially if I…. hrm.

11 thoughts on “Revisiting 03jan23 pitch

    1. No one more surprised than I… I thought: pffft, maybe there is 5k words — couldn’t possibly be more than that written. Ha.

      I guess I need to migrate everything to on storage location and reorganize.

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  1. It’s hard to get past that idea that someone else has already thought/written along similar lines. Perhaps nothing is truly original. Mind you, Romeo and Juliet has been rehashed hundreds of times so…

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    1. Aye. This was a more direct parallel (however independent) concept by someone much more famous than I.

      Enough time has passed that it won’t look like direct fan service. Plus, I’ve gotten fresher ideas to fill in the details.

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  2. Truly tantalizing! I’m excited for you, Michael. And hey; that whole “it’s been done before” well… how many times has a rose been painted? And yet, a million more have been painted and are being painted every day. The fact it’s been done does NOT negate its importance to your story. Don’t throw it out based on that.

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    1. There were some other parallels, intentional but hard to prove I came up with it independently.

      I have a different mindset than when I originally started this project. And tons more practice. I can probably avoid some of the pitfalls I felt were inevitable and impossible to overcome at the time.

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