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Interesting discoveries last night…

I was looking to clean up various storage devices I have, maybe consider consolidating onto online storage so that I can access the files from anywhere — or getting something to pull the bulk of the files off my current storage to free up space. I am torn between the two ideas, mostly because I can get a ton of physical storage for the same price as a year of moderate storage online. The benefit on one hand is that I don’t have to worry about backing up online storage. On the other hand, I can save a ton of money and store locally (with the chance of losing something to the vagaries of item malfunctions).

In the process of seeing just what I had stored in both places, I discovered a ton of music and writing that I had in various stages of completion (mostly not very) that I had forgotten clean about (including a non-vox, non-bass mix of “Myrrh”, formerly known as “Faith”, apparently), including snippet files of some of the music. I could basically reconstruct some of the songs that I don’t have software for any longer by using the fragments stored in the folders.

I also, apparently, wrote more than I remembered I had written when I was still a practicing alcoholic. A brief look at what was there was mostly cringe-worthy at first glance, but might have promise once I convert to a more readable format (.txt files opened by Windows are terrible to read; note to self: set Notepad++ as the software that handles such files).

There might be some diamonds in all that rough. Don’t be surprised if I foist some on you in the coming days.

6 thoughts on “Discoveries

    1. I’m pretty sure most of it is generally awful. I had a higher opinion of my writing at the time than I deserved and I think it shows. I was “oh so very clever”.

      :: eyeroll ::

      We’ll see what pops up, if anything. There are probably statutes against sharing such things.

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  1. How exciting! A few years ago I unearthed an old journal from my senior year of high school when I wrote very angsty poetry and I barely recognized myself in the words. It felt like a time capsule of someone else entirely. I hope you do share some!

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