One of Those

©2022 Michael Raven

It’s been one of those weeks this past week. And, fittingly, things haven’t improved over the past twenty-four hours, but become even more those.

First, I should mention that nothing terribly bad has happened to me. Likewise, nothing terribly good has either. It was just one of those weeks where nothing went tits-up, but nothing quite went as well as expected or desired.

I’ve had, umm, three false starts on warping my larger loom to finish my shawl/cloak. First, the warping peg lost the anchor and all my warping yarn fell into a tangled mess. Then, as I tried to learn how to indirectly warp my loom, it was the night that the twins took turns asking me questions or sharing that they were bored because they refused to agree on an activity to do together. I couldn’t focus on the task and gave up. Today, I tried the new method again but, for reasons I’ll get into in a moment, I have brain fog this afternoon and found my frustration levels start to reach their limit; knowing how I am in those situations, it was best for me to stop.

I keep making minor mistakes at work. Nothing terrible, but more annoyances than anything. That whole impostor syndrome started creeping in with each minor mistake I made.

Last night, I was up almost as much as I was sleeping due to pain flare-ups. All of the major automotive accidents decided to visit me last night and take a dance with my joint inflammation, and nothing I did seemed to do much more than take the edge off of the pain. As a result, I am two ticks above zombie right now, and I might lose those as well. So, ta’i chi was an unfocused mess this morning and my eldest daughter’s socializing while I waited to drive us home from the area added to the irritation — nor did the lack of lunch because of her dalliance help.

About the only thing that went as planned all week was my trying to develop an inkle loom pattern for all of the Elder Futhark runes. If I can get to a point where I can warp that loom, it’ll be fun to make a band with runes — I just need to decide what it would say, or what runes would best match a yet-to-be-decided intent.

But was my week bad? No. Nor was it quite right. I felt like an idiot all week.

I mean, I do most weeks, but this week was pretty constant in that regard.

Maybe I should have napped.

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