hAppy whEn it RaiNs || J&MC

Step back and watch the sweet thing
Breaking everything she sees
She can take my darkest feeling
Tear it up, till I'm on me knees

Warping the loom was not the right thing for my evening. This attempt went very wrong, then worse — so I manned-up and admitted I needed to come back to it in a different state of mind (I blame my state on this one: a bit crusty around the rough edges).

I sat there, trying to grasp the tiger’s tail of something, a faint wisp of thought, maybe a bit of spirit from one of the foxes in the tangled copse behind a neighbor’s house, maybe the ghost of a Ghost. Maybe I just ate too much for dinner.

Then I had a bit of flashback to a neverwhen.

Or, I don’t recall it being a when that was part of this waking, so perhaps it was dream, and may have actually been a when on that side of sleep.

I needed this song from my past this evening, and the unmoored memories that came with letting it into my soul. There was a never-her like this and I miss having not-her around although we never-were together. It reminded me that disaster-warps are not everything, and there is a lovely kind power to be able to recall something of that what this song evoked — even if it was based on nothing at all.

I went from thinking moments before that amor vincit omnia is a pile of horse turds to — well, maybe it sometimes conquers when you allow phantom dreams to pass through you on their journey to wherever inmachinations drift to when they long for another dream.

Then it sometimes rains. Or, in Minnesota, it dumps a shit-tonne of snow as it did today.

Lucky for me, I’m happy when it rains.

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