Reworking Runes

©2022 Michael Raven

I wanted to let anyone interest know that I am going through the pages for my Elder Futhark rune interpretations and giving them a newish coat of paint, modifying a few elements to hopefully make them more useful to others, and to clean up the errata.

After more than a year of using runes for personal reflection, a lot of things have changed in my mind since those pages were originally created. I have a slightly different understanding on some runes, while others have evolved more significantly. I’ve only hit the first three so far (fehu, uruz, and thurisaz), but plan to revisit all of them to clean house between now and sometime early next year.

A brief, incomplete list of changes made or being made:

  • Moderate formatting changes to make each rune a little easier to read about for visitors other than the primary audience of me.
  • Clean-up of meanings to remove direct associations with proper nouns from Norse mythology (some Old Norse and Icelandic words are retained). We can discuss my reasons for electing to do this if you wish, but the main reason is that I feel that the Elder Futhark (and derivatives) have a broader application beyond a single culture, some of which may have never bothered to consider someone such as, for instance, Thor. Proper names for aetts are have currently been retained, but may change in the future.
  • Transforming “/” to commas in interpretations to eliminate bleeding paragraphs on smaller screens.
  • Combining more interpretations on a single line where the meaning appears to echo, or directly infer, another meaning already listed.
  • Removing some “color commentary” in the meanings. Where additional information might be needed, I will try to link to moderately reputable sources.
  • [Forthcoming] I plan to add a “bucket aett” for runes that are outside the Elder Futhark, but have a close relationship with the Elder Futhark (e.g., Futhorc).

I know not everyone is quite so enamored as I am with runes, but I find them to be a useful way to think outside the box, to break the pattern of my normal thinking processes (which is how I approach tarot and other card oracles).

Please let me know if you visit the rune pages and find anything broken.

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