old skills

©2022 Michael Raven

cracked nail
down to
finger bed
old cosmetologist
nail glue
save the day

Last night, while re-warping my loom, I managed to bend back and crack my thumbnail deep enough into the nail bed to hurt like an S.O.B. every time I snagged it. Or bumped it. Or looked at it longer than 5 seconds.

My daughter wants to dye her hair fire-engine red, so I went and got some professional color and picked up a bottle of nail glue while I was at it. While it is designed for attaching artificial fiberglass nails to clients, it works in a pinch as a nail strengthener on cracks and breaks. A dot or two of glue, let it dry, then buff it flat with a nail file.

Ugly, but almost as good as before I broke it. And I don’t scream when I bump my thumb.

I don’t miss that career — like, not at all. But it has come in handy between access to professional products and having learned tricks like this.

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