©2022 Michael Raven

the spirits growing tired
of dalliance & distraction
sat me down for
"a good ol' fashioned
talkin' to" last night

"time to stop w'yer
pussyfootin' around,"
the man in feathers black
said from shadows and
"we grow weary &
you've avoided the
hard work for far too long"

leather strap slap
deeper in the dark
edging towards a whoopin'
by the sound

"change or be changed"
he added
a hint of threat
in the undertone song
before he exploded
into night

to heart i went
digging out
jagged rusty nails
a'gasp with the release

baby steps, maybe
but stagnant no more

5 thoughts on “leather

  1. Oh, I love this one so much. I’m going to print it out and put it on my refrigerator (if that’s okay). I’ve put on so much weight over the last two years and the last few nights my hips have ached so much I could barely sleep. There’s no putting it off anymore. The time for action is now.

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    1. ::blushing::

      Thank you — of course it is okay. I’m flattered.

      I’m undertaking a sea change; completely overhauling myself (if I can keep with it). Everything from appearance and the way I dress to forcing myself to do the things I have talked big about, but taken little action on from eating to developing socially. Tomorrow, I plan to attack more and I have some long-term plans that I have started to undertake with respect to exercise and fiber arts.

      I’ve tried incremental change before, and I eventually lose motivation. I’m hoping absolute disruption gets me over that hump.

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      1. Ever since this exchange here I’ve been thinking about what a big change might look like for me. I’ve read your words over and over pondering how I might listen to my muses, to my ancestors, and carve a new path forward. I think you are on to something—changing the outside as well as the inside. A way to signal the change. To commit to it. I think I might do the same.


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