Busy November

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I have a lot going on in my life right now. I always seem to be terribly busy, so I think NaNoWriMo will be left to others to succeed at this year. It feels strange to admit that I just flat out don’t have the time if I’m going to stop avoiding some unavoidable stuff and still maintain sanity.

As I mentioned in my self-promotion for galdr, I received some not-great news a few weeks ago. Namely: my little experiment with dropping all my meds to reboot my system did not give me the results I was hoping. Everything related to my type 2 diabetes went completely south: high blood sugars, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, etc. Then, I went to get an eye exam and found out I have the beginnings of a cataract in one eye, quite possibly due to my diabetes. Plus, she wouldn’t give me a new prescription because my blood sugars were high and she wanted me to stabilize it before I got a new Rx — in six months. Except I kind of have needed them for a few years, so I have to deal with a bunch of stuff before I can see normal again.

On the better news front of this adventure, the new medical professional agrees with me that I had far too many meds piled onto me for what I had going on. Once we stabilize me, instead of piling things on, he wants to reduce the amount of meds he has me take, if possible. He also agrees that I was probably misdiagnosed with RA, however that happened (I mean, god forbid you question your rheumatologist if he decides you have RA).


As a result, I have to mix up my lifestyle to try and get healthy, with means I’ll have less time to write a short-order novel with greasy-spoon quality. Healthier cooking is more time consuming. There’s a reason why it is called “convenience food”. Plus, well, I need to carve out some time to do the thing I have been avoiding for years while still giving it lip service: exercise.

I’ve toyed around with a couple of exercise programs over the years and just don’t stick to them because there are no consequences to skipping a day. Nothing financial (I do it all at home) or socially (I do it all at home). I had considered trying out a gym membership after the bad news, but that idea makes me groan, although there are people more extroverted than I who swear by such things. It just doesn’t sound fun, in my opinion. I did the at-home strength training thing in the 90s and, while I loved the exercise high, I can’t seem to get back into it since I had to stop due to a self-inflicted injury.

So I went back to the idea I’ve had off and on since that time, and even did for a couple of spells: T’ai Chi.

There’s a reasonably-priced school near my daughters’ aikido dojo that hold practices as similar times as the adult classes my eldest is ready to attend for aikido. She’s been itching to move up, but I’ve been reluctant to drive at least twenty minutes each direction, during rush hour, several days a week, just to sit around for ninety minutes while she works towards her black belt. The t’ai chi studio is minutes away from her dojo and I could easily pop over there to do my thing while she works on her thing. Two winners for that situation, as it increasingly looks like might happen. Plus, I’m looking for a sense of community. I’m tired of being a hermit and I want to be a part of something larger. Going to t’ai chi for 2-4 days a week would go a long ways toward building some external non-work, non-family relationships. And, if I stabilize my balance, increase my flexibility, I might be able to actually participate with aikido, should I wish (right now I don’t have any meaningful flexibility or very good balance).

Added to my time contraints, I want to do more weaving so that I can maybe get to the point where I am doing some handcrafted items for sale — maybe not so much for Etsy and the like, but who knows?

It just doesn’t seem smart to commit myself to writing a novel in a month this year. It’s weird to say so after so many years, but I think sanity makes more sense.

11 thoughts on “Busy November

  1. Whatever you decide to do – I have found health is everything. If I don’t have that I can’t write, laugh, enjoy – anything.
    For me Michael I have kept it simple. I walk. Not obnoxiously fast but I walk. At least 5 times a week in the morning. It sets me right for the day mentally and physically.
    I hope you find your niche – and I hope you have a great NOVEMBER ❤️🙏❤️

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    1. Thank you for your thoughts.

      With the incoming Minnesota weather, I need to get started on an indoor habit otherwise it will be over before it begins. If I had better options I’d do just that — walk. I used to walk everywhere when I was younger, and again, when I lived in Seattle. Unfortunately, my current neighborhood lacks sidewalks and it isn’t very safe to walk the streets in the winter here between ice, snow and narrowing streets.

      Next spring, however, I might add walking to whatever routine I end up dedicating myself to. ❤

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    1. It is my own doing. In a fit of pique, I quit my medications, wanting to know if any or all were absolutely necessary. The medical professional I was seeing ignored my request to try to find a way to minimize exactly what I was taking and she merrily followed an algorithm on her smartphone and gave me more instead. So I quit everything, when I should have kept a few I knew were beneficial and found a new provider who would listen to my concerns.

      In retrospect, it is somewhat my fault.

      The current healthcare provider is listening to me, so things should improve. In the meantime, however, I am left with frustrations because I think the inattentive care over the past fifteen years is what put me in this position.

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  2. It must be hard not being listened to by health professionnal. Seems to be a trend for young practionneer, they follow too much the guidance of their phones, humans not being machines it lead to situation like that.

    That could probably be said for many profession nowaday. We lose the human side of thing.

    Glad you did found someone who is listening to you and take how you feel in account.

    Take care sir 😊

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  3. Sounds like you’ve made the right choice. NaNo will be there when your ready-they do other challenges throughout the year as well if you don’t want to wait another year.

    I’ve put putting off dealing with health stuff too. I think next year that will need to be my focus in a big way. I don’t have any health conditions yet, but I’m over 40 and the weight keeps piling on.

    I hope you find the right place for exercise and socializing. When I see the tai chi groups in the park I always think they look so peaceful and healthy.


    1. Much of it is probably my own fault, unhelped by careless medical professionals who failed to consider that I was a hardcore alcoholic when my problems started and prescribed medications that were hard on my already war-torn innards. But, it likely started with my being a full-blown alcoholic. I’m likely mostly to blame. Sobriety doesn’t always fix what got broke.


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