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Here is how my daughter’s scarf started to look last night. She chose the colors, which seemed to work out with this combo. I’m not so certain the other twin will be pleased when she see the colors she chose when they get woven together, but I might be wrong in my estimation. The yellow warp and rainbow weft is pretty much on par for this twin.

Obviously, this is raw weaves, on-loom. Once I take the scarf off the loom and wet-finish it, the weave will tighten up and there were be less space between the threads. I see this as practice to get myself in gear to try and do a 100% self-crafted hooded cloak, once I finish weaving the other twin’s scarf. And learn how to do some card/tablet-weaving.

I have it in mind that I will by another heddle (10-dent or 12.5-dent; my current is a 7.5-dent) to increase the thread density. Then I will weave a cotton or wool (can’t decide if I’m worth the cost of wool) bolt of black cloth to form the basis of a hand-sewn cloak. If I can manage to figure out tablet weaving, I should be able to create my own Celtic border or runework (at least around the hood, but possibly down the front flaps of the cloak). My inspiration is something I saw on Etsy while looking for jackets.

We’ll see if this is all just ambition, but I have a different mindset this round.

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