Peace weaving

©2022 Michael Raven

I returned to weaving tonight.

Just another scarf for one of my daughters; one of the twins. And I’ve completed that, I will do another for the other twin. Neither is anything fancy or difficult. That’s okay.

After I’m done then I will see if I can figure out tablet/card weaving so I can maybe make a Celtic knot strap for one of my guitars. Or a border for a piece of clothing I think I might try to make from scratch (a kind of cloak with an oversized hood).

It was different tonight. Instead of focusing on “just getting it done”, I opted to not care how long it took and tried to get more intimate with the process, which ended up resulting in a higher quality piece so far. I might have gotten it done tonight if I’d focused on efficiency, but I think that’s part of the problem I had last time.

Tonight, I just worried about falling into the work instead of becoming a machine.

There was a peace to be found there.

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