Tidbits of limited interest

©2022 Michael Raven

Several personal and site-oriented thoughts…

First: I think I might go ahead and shift the more “Old Ways” material over to my other site that is currently private, as I had indicated I might a week or so ago. That way, this site will be less filled with my cosmologic and animistic mutterings, and more focused on creative writing. I haven’t decided if I will make it invite-only or if it will be public and, right now anyway, there is nothing either group can see on the site. So far, this is just a decision I’ve made.

Sure, it’s one more place to follow if you’re into those kinds of things and want to read my noodlings on those matters, but therein lies the crux — if you are less inclined towards (or even, bothered by) my nattering, you won’t have to deal with it. And, if you are more inclined to be curious, it probably won’t be a bother to add another site to your WordPress Reader. I haven’t seen much traffic from pure drop-by regular visitors (almost all are Reader-subscribers, with a handful of email subscribers, if JetPack stats can be trusted), so I assume most of the regular visitors are using Reader.

I’ll let folks know when I begin to post that material on the site on the off-chance you may be interested.

Also: I’m in the process of considering an alternate pen-name moving forward. After some personal reflection, I am not convinced “Michael Raven” is the most appropriate name to use any longer. After 30+ years, it rests comfortably on my shoulders, but I wonder if it isn’t time to find something slightly shabby and more befitting of my age, something to shake off the dust I’ve collected (even if it might feel samey). I have a few ping-ponging around in my largely empty head and it may take some time to decide, but I’ve been considering this change for almost a year, so this decision is not as sudden as it might seem.

Just some advanced notice if I suddenly appear to be someone else scrolling through your site.

And now for something even less interesting… 😉

8 thoughts on “Tidbits of limited interest

  1. I’m intrigued by all this. I’ve been thinking about a pen name when I start trying to submit my stories to publishers…but it feels like a big decision. I anxiously await your decision and hope you’ll write about the meaning behind it.

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