Split personality

©2022 Michael Raven

Toying around with posting my more “old ways” material over on my alternate site (which is currently set to private), and keeping this site more focused on my creative endeavors (which will still reflect those influences, but in a manner that is likely less “in your face” about it).

While I’ve stopped obsessing over the stats on the blog, I’ve noticed numbers have been trending downwards since I started writing more about those subjects and I suspect there is a connection — and yet, I’m even more inclined to lean into writing down various thoughts about the old ways than ever before…

It could also just as likely be a product of my withdrawal from social media, something that also coincides with the downward pattern. While I rarely received direct (registered) lands from social media, it may have a larger influence that I realize. Unfortunately, I am disinclined to return to places like IG, FB and Twitter, as I feel my overall personal outlook has improved since removing them from my daily consumption — so that is not a likely remedy.

Anyway, just a thought or two about these things. It may end up in something and it very well may not.

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