Oracle / 07 Oct 22

©2022 Michael Raven

For something a little different today, I decided to use my new Oracle of the Morrigan deck I received yesterday morning instead of runes as the basis for a daily prompted poem. Due to wishing to respect artwork copyright, this will likely be one of the rare times I share artwork from the deck (aside from my gleeful post about its receipt yesterday). I have some different ideas brewing in my head about how I wish to use the deck that aren’t part of a daily prompt regimen.

a battle just begun
wading rivers running red
who will cast that long throw?
ancestors stand guard
against the worst
but firm & piercing thrusts
will still win

4 thoughts on “Oracle / 07 Oct 22

    1. I agree and I thank you. I’m pleased with both the cards and the book, the contents of which made me say, “Yes!” more than a few times, but may not be for everyone — especially those folks who want more concise “meanings” conveyed about the cards. I enjoyed the more ambiguous meanings, but not everyone will appreciate it.

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      1. I prefer cards with ambiguous meanings too as I also don’t use them for divination. The cards for me are guideposts, kind of…more like a sign along the road asking me to pay attention to something. It helps me dial in before I meditate or write.

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