Chasing unicorns

©2022 Michael Raven

It’s no secret that there are days that I really dislike my job. I have had some motivation issues this week, especially after having the feeling that someone (or several someones) would rather I just quietly fade away earlier this week (it’s probably imagination on my part, but jaysus, does it feel like I get the middle finger behind my back at times).

So, out of curiosity, I went to one of those online job sites and typed in “chemistry”.

My reasons for doing so are mostly because I was a chemistry major in college, as well as a criminal justice major. I also received a certificate in forensic science, which was my main motive for the other two degrees. I took an unrelated job requiring a science degree for the simple reason that it paid darned well compared to the possible foot-in-the-door opportunity I had with the state forensic lab (I interned and was a student worker for the State for a spell).

Much to my surprise, several forensic scientist positions popped up in the returned results.


Unfortunately for me, I was unprepared for such a thing and wouldn’t be able to meet the qualifications for applying by the deadline for those I was most qualified, part of which was today. But it was tempting to rush around and see if I could make them happen (paying for the privilege in the process) to get some unofficial transcripts rush-processed and sent out. I could bang out a resume in short order, it was the documents that would have killed me to try and get for a job opportunity that had no real assurances I might have a legit chance at getting. Or that I might be able to afford having for a job if I did get it.

The pay is still not up to snuff, but the idea that I could come home and not have to worry about anyone riding me for results afterhours might almost make up for it (except when, if they still do it that way, I am on-call for investigation of a scene). I mean, everyone else leaves the office at the same time as I would, so…

While I don’t think it is quite worth my time to chase unicorns today, it has prompted me to get my documentation in order in case I have a unicorn present itself in the future.

6 thoughts on “Chasing unicorns

    1. Possible… My main concern is that I haven’t fully considered the decrease in income. And yet, tightening my belt may be well worth it if I eliminate my frustrations. Or a job like that can make it worse as you see some of the worst that humanity can do to itself (law enforcement, whether it is beat or science, is rarely a positive experience).

      Lots of factors to consider if something else opens up.

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    1. It’s funny, but I am living proof that what you learn at University matters less than getting that piece of paper that says you learned something in University.

      Have a good weekend yourself. It’s great to hear from you again.

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