Query: Interested in forming a writer’s collective?

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About once a year I threaten to start up some kind of connected online writing group along the lines of what I did with Sweet Immolation in mid-90s Seattle. You know, brew up a pot of coffee (or pour yourself a mighty fine IPA), “dial up” a Zoom or Google Meet or Twitter Space or something in that realm (I lean less towards the last and more towards the middle, but hey) and get together to do a scheduled “share” of each others’ writing (e.g., sign up for a time window), or otherwise bounce ideas off each other or ask for feedback. Maybe just a write-in (like a be-in). I dunno. Whatever it would be, there would be rules about respect for each other and time.

In the past there has seemed to be some interest, but not a strong interest. And I don’t know that I want to host it all on my own if there is enough interest.

I’m chucking the idea out there again and see if I have any nibbles. If so, I’ll set something up to talk about the idea further to see what really interests y’all. If there’s not enough interest, I’ll hang up my fishing pole and try again sometime in the next cycle.

11 thoughts on “Query: Interested in forming a writer’s collective?

  1. Mildly enthusiastic because I never know what to talk about with strangers and just saying “books and writing, of course” is too vague. So, if there were questions in advance or a theme, that would make it easier for me to decide.

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    1. I was purposefully vague. I’ll be honest, if I had my way, I’d enjoy something virtual similar to what I was doing “back in the day”, with modifications.

      1) period of 20-30 minutes sharing pieces folks think they did a great job on, or reading a piece they’d like feedback on (5 min slot, max, before the hook drags you off-stage left, no exceptions). More time if a group grows. This was where the base part of the thing I was doing back then started and ended, except it went closer to hours near the end.

      2) casual chatter afterwards, or a topic of discussion for up to 40 minutes. This sometimes happened after we closed down the “official” event.

      3) 1 hour strict total time, unless folks want to hang out because they like each other, but no specified “working” time outside of that hour (unless, it is organic). This is me trying to respect everyone’s time, but might not be necessary to invoke.

      Roughly, that’s how I’d imagine it. But it might need more focus than that. Still noodling in my head about the details.

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  2. Although I might feel out of my league, I’d be up for trying something like this. I get a bit anxious and weird with new people, but it’s something I want to work on. Getting feedback is always something I’m interested in.

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