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  1. This reminds me of something my daughter said this week. We were talking about my NaNo project this year and my several unpublished manuscripts. I said, “at the very least, your brother and you will have some stories written by your mom to enjoy.” She replied, “if you don’t publish them before you die, I’ll do it for you before I do.” I’m not sure why, but that made me feel a million times better about slogging through day after day.

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    1. It’s so great that she wants to do that for you. You should do it, even if you publish a collection of your short stories on your own. There are plenty of resources to help you realize that goal and it’s not that insurmountable of a mountain to get it done. One day, I might even get serious about a good bit of fiction and put out something of my own. Even if it is only friends and family, the effort will be worth it. But… First things first — I have to get serious. 😉

      Maybe I’ll get around reworking “Drifter” this NaNo so that it isn’t quite so awful.

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      1. I’ve been planning to publish my best short stories in a collection, but what I really want to do is make one of my books good enough I’d allow someone to read it. I still need to grow so much as a writer. I might be at the place of needing to invest in some classes. I just don’t know. Ideas…no shortage of those! Skills to make them sound even close to what I want them to…but there yet.

        I’m sure “Drifter” is far better than you give yourself credit.

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        1. LOL. No, it was pretty awful except for a few parts I might try to salvage. It was a serialized drunken disaster of a story which didn’t survive sobriety. Interesting ideas within, but I thought I was far more clever than I really was and the writing didn’t always make sense due to my excessive consumption at the time.

          I really liked my two minor characters with their banter and threats back and forth in one scene, but the bulk of it was a turd. And that’s being kind. It really was a stinker of an effort.

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