Near Compost

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I got excited for a moment earlier today while I was reading some information on a webpage, and then remembered to check the freshness factor for what I was reading.

It was verging on fully matured compost.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but the site was not fresh by any means. Last blog post date was in June 2020. Last associated Facebook update was a picture of the nightsky at the beginning of August. And then, before that… Some time in April.

I don’t want to get into the details of what I was looking for, but I was looking for some fresh takes on something that is prone to large amounts of misinformation and this page seemed to eschew those pitfalls and, even, begin to align with my current understanding about the subject matter. It was… refreshing.

But, like so many other webpages containing similar information that isn’t chocked full of information lacking self-awareness, somewhere along the lines these sites peter out. As long as the site churns up enough misleading or outright questionable information, and they can monetize on that low-quality information, they seem to thrive. If they eliminate the monetization and focus on sincere information (flawed or not), rather than wishful thinking, they fizzle, especially if they don’t have a really invested blog writer posting on an at least weekly basis. And even those that post more frequently than once a quarter tend to die out — which is a damn shame.

So I look at this group of potentially interesting persons that I might be able to tap for information and I have to admit that my enthusiasm wanes when the web presence is more than a few months old. It points to internal problems, perhaps even dissolution. That’s too bad, as it was one of the first times in a long spell where I stood bolt upright and did an imaginary fist pump and said, “Alright!” in my head.

I may still reach out to see if there is more information along the lines of what got me excited, but I suspect that I won’t get much of a response. Especially when someone on their Facebook presence asked a question that went unanswered along a similar vein.

Which makes me wonder why I don’t attempt to fill in the hole myself. Except, I don’t really want the responsibility that comes with doing so to begin with. It takes a certain kind of personality to run that show, and I haven’t had that personality in over twenty years. I’m more of a, well, interested party rather than someone who wants to be a full-time resource about certain matters.

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