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Still grooving on the whole take a short bit of time out of my day to improv a composition. We’ll see how long that lasts before I burn out, but I am liking the stretch I’m giving to my creative muscles that’s a bit different than the writing (poetry/short story) muscles.

Here we have something more along the lines of historic music by myself (non-electronica). Muddy, phased, shoegaze rhythm guitars, overchorus’d bass, plodding drums, C-minor key and phrases melody that echoes itself with minor variation. It’s been a very long time since I wrote something along these lines and, while I was tinkering, I came up with plenty of more melody phrases to play off of if I want to pursue it further. This is more like what you’d hear in the interlude between verses. The verses themselves would be simpler on the melody elements to leave the vocals room to breathe. Not sure if I would have a chorus structure (thinking Joy Division influence, there).

I might come back to this one, as I feel it has potential.

It has a little more post-processing on it than Chinese Take-Out, but it’s still “demo” level of production; i.e., see if it sticks in my head and I want to come back to it. Some ‘verb and compression, a hint of echo, a touch of stereo.

Lemme know your thoughts. As good or better than yesterday? Or “shitcan that shit”?

About 90-105 minutes of experimentation on this one before you have what you have below. I started with nothing in mind, just grabbed a drum phrase and started dinking around.

You’ll only waste about a minute of your time listening to this one.

3 thoughts on “Cockatiel

  1. I can pick up on the Hooky inspired bass line, but it goes really well behind the swirling guitars (which have a sort of up-beat Cure flavour, yet are quite different). Shoegaze? Perhaps, but also a little more upbeat and with a quicker Tempo. I would like to hear thus expanded and juxtaposed against some downbeat lyrics.

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    1. My Hooky is showing. 😀

      Seriously, I was listening to a lot of Joy Division when I first picked up the bass (along with Faith-era Cure), so I’m sure it shows.

      I’ll tinker with it when I get a chance. It was one of the more promising efforts I’ve toyed with recently.

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