Chinese Take-out

©2022 Michael Raven

As I mentioned, I am making a concerted effort to “just fart around” with some music to see what evolves from playing around with tools that I generally haven’t touched in my previous musical ventures. The main goal is not to necessarily create anything “good”, but to see if I can reclaim some of my more experimental creative phases from my youth.

Without going into a long rant, I made the mistake of hanging out with a few really anally-retentive musicians in my mid-20s until I quite playing music altogether with others in my mid-30s. There were only certain kinds of sounds deemed acceptable by these folks and anything with “the stink of play” was poo-poohed and put down. I became a “serious” musician to suit the bands I played with and, in the process lost some of the experimental play I enjoyed up until then. I have missed that, so I am trying to unteach my seriousness, worry less about “good” or “right” and just horse around to reclaim what I think was probably technically inferior composition on my part, but tended to be more “interesting” (including the time I purposefully used bass chords and tri-tones, for example, on a gothic song, which left the audience with an eerie tension by several accounts).

To show that I am hardly serious with this offering, I decided to name it Chinese Take-out. Don’t worry, it’s only a 30-second waste of your day.

I spent about 90 minutes playing around with this. Pulled up a series of drum riffs, put together a lead synth “warble”. To that, I added a piano/strings combo patch for a melody in C-minor (with some jazz added, damned if I know what you’d call it — C-minor (9/11)? I forgot most of what these things are since I don’t use the terminology anymore). Decided it needed some left-hand key chords and then felt the bottom was a bit empty, so I sequenced some gate-like bass.

This is a demo mixdown: no real stereo elements and no reverb effects other than what is on the instruments as part of their design. As I said, just relearning how to experiment and have fun.

It ended up nothing at all like I intended when I did the first couple of parts. That’s what made it fun.

9 thoughts on “Chinese Take-out

  1. Great fun – I’ll have a number 43 with a portion of boiled rice please!
    I get the ‘seriousness’ of music, but, at the end of the day let’s not forget it should be fun…and what counts as ‘art’ anyway?
    Looking forward to hearing some more.

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    1. Hmm, a General Tso’s Chicken kind of guy, huh. Spicy!

      Yeah, in retrospect, I wonder why I put up with some of those folks for as long as I did. I mean, I got to troll them by playing “Owner of a Lonely Heart” just as they were about to do the countdown for some trad Irish tune, but that hardly makes up for some of the grief I got for other things.

      Man, they hated when I did that kind of shit.

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      1. Ha, ha! Great response too. I don’t have much time for people who’s idea of music is restricted to one band (or, indeed, one genre). Just spent a few hours today on a second hand 12 string that I picked up recently playing songs by Cohen, Bowie, REM, Interpol and Syd Barrett. I rest my case.

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